Custom Services


Custom Services

We provide wide range of customized services to Research Institutes; Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology industries and Academic institutions. Our Offerings include

DNA & RNA Oligonucleotides
Custom DNA Sequencing
Next Generation Sequencing
Gene Synthesis
Genotyping & Gene Expression
Antibody Development

Polyclonal Antibody development (PAb)

Peptide designing
PAb development against peptide or protein
High titer antibody purification and characterization

Monoclonal Antibody development (MAb)

Peptide designing
MAb development against peptide or protein
Best reacting/stable hybridoma development, single cell cloning
Small scale/large scale hybridoma culture and antibody purification and characterization

Custom Nanobody Development and Phage Libraries

Genetic Screening

Custom Pooled Lentiviral Libraries
Engineered Custom Cell Lines

Cell Culture

Cell Lines
Cell production
Primary cells
Custom Reporter Cell Lines
Custom Knock down cell lines

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