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We believe in innovation and taking challenges.


We envision a World where high-quality R&D can be broadly accessed and can generate significant benefit for patients and healthcare payers worldwide. 


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We are dedicated to providing out-standing quality, timely and cost effective products to the global scientific community.


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Jotbody engaged in research, development, and production of single domain antibodies (sdAb) based-products from Camelids and Shark

Jotbody從事駝源和鯊源納米抗體(single domain antibodies,sdAb)產品的研究、開發和生產

Single Domain Antibody


Single Domain Antibody (sdAb) is the smallest known antigen-binding fragment. There is great expectation on the use of sdAb for diagnosis and therapeutics purposes.

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sdAb Discovery Services


Jotbody is specialized in the discovery and production of sdAb from Camel, Alpaca, Llama and Shark.

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sdAb Products


Not only services, Jotbody provides a wide selection of sdAb for different applications and ready for you. Our catalog is continuously up-dated. Contact us if you dont find your product.

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Discover our sdAb for the detection of SARS-CoV-2

Since the COVID-19 outbreak started, Jotbody built a special team totally dedicated to developing high-perfoming quality sdAb for timely support the fight against SARS-CoV-2. Check our catalog for more. 新冠肺炎疫情發生以來,Jotbody專門組建了一支團隊,致力於研發高品質的納米抗體,及時為抗擊新冠肺炎疫情提供支援。更多資訊請查看我們的目錄。


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We are offering up to 40% of discount on our sdAb discovery services. Itemized costs, inquire about package deals, products offers, early payment discount and more promotions are waiting for you. 對於我們的納米抗體發現服務,我們提供高達40%的折扣。分項報價,大包裝交易,產品試用,提前付款折扣和更多的促銷活動等著你。聯繫我們

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Latest Research

To date, it is possible to use sdAb to empower drug delivery systems. Recently, EGFR, mCherry or HER2 sdAbs resulted determinant for driving extracellualr vesicles toward specific target cells. 到目前為止,使用納米抗體給藥系統賦能藥物遞送系統是可能的。最近發現,EGFR、mCherry或HER2 納米是驅使細胞外囊泡向特定靶細胞的決定因素。閱讀更多

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